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Endangered Japan (Book 1): A Cultural War (by GloriousJapanForever)


1. iPod vs Galaxy (00:21-00:50)

This issue is in litigation.

2. Honda vs Hyundai (00:51-01:13)

The company name “Hyundai” itself had existed much earlier than Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967. The point here is why they pronounces their company name in totally different way from its original pronunciation in English speaking countries, despite the fact that the original pronunciation of Korean name is not so difficult for English speaking people.

You can hear the pronunciation Hyundai is adopting in America.

3. The use of Japanese images by Hyundai and Samsung (01:14-01:39)

According to a survey conducted by Samsung in 2006, it turned out that 67% of French thought it as a Japanese company. (Chosun Ilbo June 31, 2006)

4. Plagiarism of Japanese Manga, Anime, and Games (01:40-02:44)

5. Plagiarism of Japanese snack foods (02:45-03:48)

6. Korea’s Illegal cultivation of Japanese species of strawberries (03:49-04:26)

7. ChosunNinja (04:27-04:45)

8. Sushi Role (04:46-05:11)

An explanation of Sushi Role by the Korean wikipedia.

9. Sakura (05:13-05:43)

10. Kendo vs Kumdo (05:45-06:12)

Korea Kumdo Association

An explanation of Kumdo by the Korean wikipedia

11. Samurai vs Saurabi (07:15-07:39)

12. Judo vs Yudo (07:39-08:08)

United States Yudo Association

13. Aikido vs Hapkido (08:09-08:31)

14. karate vs Taekwondo (08:32-08:57)

Problems in the Identity and Philosophy of T’aegwondo and Their Historical Causes…

"during the last half of the Choson dynasty, physical activity, especially of a martial nature, became all object of scorn and a sign of low breeding as seen in the royal court attitude of valuing learning and disregarding martial skill."

Korean Traditional game, Taekkyeon

15. “Korea and Her Neighbors (1898)” by Isabella Bird Bishop (10:22-10:54)…

16. Korea during the annexation period. (10:58-12:00)

Seoul in 1931

17. Takeshima issue (12:03-12:18)

Does there exist any old Korean map which depicted Dokdo?

18. Japan’s ODA for South Korea (12:20-12:46)

19. Japan Expo (12:47-12:55)

Korean Cultural Plagiarism: Fake Samurai & Kendo in the Japan Expo 2011

20. Korean Connection (12:55-13:09)

Official Press Book…

21. Ninjutsu means “Art of Ninja” (13:26-13:29)

We used to think that it was only some exceptional Korean individuals like ChosunNinja who were trying to steal this popular Japanese cultural icon. But now it turned out that it was South Korean government itself who was trying to distort the history about Ninja.

22. Hanahuda (13:30-13:33)

23. Karaoke (13:34-13:37)

Although Koraoke was invented by a Japanese, they never mention the real origin of it in the official press book.

24. Manhwa (13:38-13:41)

Despite the fact that Manhwa is a repository of plagiarism from Japanese Manga, the official press book explains “Manhwa were inspired by classic Asian arts, especially Chinese.”


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